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About Pia
Pia Madison is a Consultant Philosopher and Experiential Psychotherapist. She has an interest in group dynamics, archetypal psychology, mental health, creativity and personal development as well as mentoring and supervising research into organisational learning and management development. Her approach to clients is integrative, using Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Psychoanalysis. She has an interest in Dream Interpretation and Past Life Regression. Pia has over 20 years experience in teaching, planning, working out and suggesting strategies to a wide range of senior professionals and decision makers. She offers honest and specialist assessments of situations by helping estimate potential risks involved and identify positive benefits to be gained. Psychotherapeutic interventions and psychological direction provided.

Pia’s experience extends to working with Directors, Managers and Teams in developing forward-facing theory and best practice in-house to raise levels of staff participation. She is a point of contract for Decision Makers to develop an exciting universe of training and offers written reports and assessments on psychological business solutions in a variety of professional voices. A results orientated professional with extensive specialisation in applied Esoteric Principles, Team Development and Project Management who will work with your brand to promote a distinctive customer experience. A strong practitioner with the ability to build, train, motivate and mentor successful teams to improved performance. Pia has an ability to forecast skills and trends, providing creative and strategic leadership to channel performance results. She assists in building group capability and alignment through clear communication, coaching and real time feedback. Pia is the first choice for developing a ‘Super team’, Coaching or Professional Relationship Management.

Her values are:

– Integrity
– Hands on approach
– Commitment to quality
– Value for money

Here at Psychologistics.Org we work with a diverse group of individuals, groups, teams, agencies, authorities and organisations in the hospitality, leisure, sports, music, arts and entertainment industry in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

Psychologistics. Org prides itself on providing practical psychological business solutions and online e-tutorial services to astute clientele who value:

– Clear objectives
– A collaborative approach
– Respectful dialogue
– Maximum impact

Organisations are having to survive and thrive in an environment of continuous change, where outcomes are increasingly ‘unknowable’. These changes can often make even successful organisations subject  to disorientation, turbulence, confusions, conflict, competition and uncertainty. Meeting this challenge requires a greater kind of courage and a different psychology from that which prevailed in the past. Particular knowledge, specific skills and privileged access to answers will no longer be able to reassure that crucial part in each human being which wishes for some higher authority to solve the problems and promises of complexity.

Success for organisations and individuals in this millennium demands a willingness to ‘unlearn’ ¾, to let go of the past, in order to experience the creativity and innovation that comes with trying to maintain a balance. The skills and attitudes of ‘unlearning’ are likely to prove to be of more value in the future than traditional notions of learning in the current existing turbulent and unpredictable times.

Psychologistics. Org is unique in its use and application of recognising polarities in dealing with issues of complexity in organisations. Through importation, introjection and integration- concepts, ideas and theories from other fields and disciplines are offered to help create mental metabolism.

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